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Should I choose a bi-fold plantation shutter design?

bifold plantation shutters denver

Since each window treatment that gets plantation shutters is custom-designed, there is no right or wrong choice between bi-fold versus single panel design. Much of the choice is simply personal preference with a few specific benefits one way or another depending on the actual window situation.

Hidden Tilt versus Front Tilt Controls

Front controls are the traditional layout of plantation shutters, today you also have the choice of a hidden control which gives a more contemporary look to your home

Understanding plantation shutter louver sizes

Just Plantation Shutters - Denver

Plantation shutters are a fixed widow treatment that will affect the final look of the room so it is important to take into consideration the style of the room and how it fits in with the rest of the house. So an important question to ask is do you want a more traditional style feel with smaller louvers or a more contemporary look with wider louvers?

Why choose plantation shutters for your home?

Just Plantation Shutters - Denver

Plantation shutters can complement the style of any Denver area home with any decor from traditional to contemporary to ultra-modern, they are considered a ‘timeless’ because of how they blend to or enhance any decorating style.