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“I absolutely enjoyed working with Mike! He is very knowledgeable about shutters (the business name speaks for itself). He was very professional and gave me his expert advice when it came to deciding what kind of plantation shutters I should get for my new home since this was the first time I was purchasing them. I truly loved the fact that he offered free consultation. He measured all the windows and quickly provided the quote by printing them on the spot. Not only that, but he was not that “pushy salesman” trying to get you to buy right away. He was respectful by allowing me to have time to think it over and to call anytime if I had any questions. I’m very pleased with the installation of the shutters as they turned out to be very beautiful!”

— Diana V

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Why choose plantation shutters for your home?

Contemporary plantation shutters in a modern kitchen in Denver house in Castle Rock

Plantation shutters fit with any decor of Denver homes

Plantation shutters can complement the style of any Denver area home with any decor from traditional to contemporary to ultra-modern, they are considered to be ‘timeless’ because of how they blend into or enhance any decorating style.

Unlike fabric window treatments, plantation shutters don’t go out of style or deteriorate over time from the sun and never need professional cleaning, with just routine care they can last a lifetime.


Custom-fit & custom-made

Plantation shutters are always custom-made to each of your home’s windows so they always fit perfectly and can be matched to the style of the windows. You get to choose everything from style, louver size, tilt features, and of course colors.



There is no more durable window treatment you can choose for your home. Solid wood or composite plantation shutters are strong and sturdy and can last a lifetime.



Shutters are great for adding privacy to your windows while still allowing flexibility to let the light in with a simple adjustment to the louvers.

Plantation Shutters in master bathroom


Privacy & ventilation

A unique feature is the ability to open your window to allow the breeze into your home and adjust your louvers to control privacy.


Light control

You have total control of the sunlight entering your rooms. With the tilt of the louvers, you can let in more light or tilt to let in less.  If you want to preserve the view, larger louvers or ‘view louvers’ will allow you to open the louvers and still see the view through the window.


Increase the value of your home

Plantation shutters actually can add value to your home’s appraisal price as they are custom-made to your windows and become a permanent fixture of the house.


Increase curb appeal

The beauty of Plantation shutters isn’t reserved just for the inside of your house, they are viewable from the street and complement your windows from the exterior also.

Customer adjusting interior plantation shutter


Energy efficiency

They can actually start paying you back on your investment through cooling and heating cost savings. In the summer they block the sun and can keep a room cooler and in the winter they can add R-value to a window slowing heat loss.


Easy to clean and care for

If you like low-maintenance, plantation shutters are the perfect window decor, all they need is a simple dusting once in a while. Spills or splashes wipe away with a damp cloth. You will never need to take them down and have them professionally cleaned.


Perfect for every room

Composite shutters are ideal for locations with humidity such as a bathroom or a kitchen. Wood plantation shutters come in a variety of stain or paint colors.


I look forward to answering any questions you might have about plantation shutters or talking with you about scheduling a free estimate in your home