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“We were having our windows replaced, and hired Just Plantation Shutters to come out and uninstall our existing shutters, and then re-install them after the new windows were in. Mike was very professional, sent out a detailed work order, was clear about cost, and willing to work around our dates based on the window install. He showed up in a mask as required for COVID, worked efficiently and left everything clean and tidy. And he was very pleasant to deal with, even though there were a few snags caused by the previous installers using some non-standard parts. We highly recommend Just Plantation Shutters!”

— Sheila D

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bi-fold versus single panel plantation shutters?

The nice thing about deciding to have plantation shutters installed in your house is that they are custom made for each of your windows so you can get whatever you would like.

The bad thing may also be that they are custom designed for each of your windows so you may feel overwhelmed, but don’t worry, that’s why I created the Plantation Shutter Information Center.

Custom Designed
Since each window treatment that gets plantation shutters is custom-designed, there is no right or wrong choice between bi-fold versus single panel design. Much of the choice is simply personal preference with a few specific benefits one way or another depending on the actual window situation.

Bi-folds are Traditional in Style
For the most part, bi-fold panels have a more traditional style and look to them, they harken back to more traditional shutters when we were growing up.

Very Functional
A small functional aspect you might consider is if you are going to want to open up your shutters fully all the time to enjoy the full window or view behind them. Bi-folds will fold up typically smaller on the sides and take up less space. On caution is that on smaller windows bi-folds can start to look a little busy or cramped.

Problem Solvers
If you are going to open your shutters you need space in front of them, sometimes furniture can be in the way, a bi-fold design will decrease the space needed in front of the window since each is made up of two smaller panels instead of one larger one.

Single panel plantation shutters will typically be wider and have a more contemporary or modern line and look to them. If you plan on keeping your shutters closed most of the time and enjoy a more contemporary look then single panel is probably what you will lean toward.

What look is best to you?

bi-fold plantation shutters in bedroom in white
plantation shutters sitting area


I look forward to answering any questions you might have about plantation shutters or talking with you about scheduling a free estimate in your home