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Are Plantation Shutters popular in Denver?

The popularity of plantation shutters keeps increasing each year in Denver and in most locations that are in a sunny climate, in other words, they are getting more popular each year

Shutters in living room in white


Plantation Shutters Today
They typically are still made of wood, but new materials have been developed commonly referred to as faux wood or composite plantation shutters, providing all of the refined beauty of solid wood, while adding new benefits such as being more eco-friendly, and being resistant to moisture so plantation shutters can be installed in rooms such as the bathroom today.

Styles have evolved
There are continual changes to the style of shutters today. You now have contemporary as well as traditional looks available to match the style of your home. Removing the louver control bar in the front of the panel creates a sleeker and simpler style.

Origins of Plantation Shutters
The origin of plantation shutters comes from lavish southern plantation homes dating back to the 1800s. Windows tended to be large in these homes to maximize the cooling effects of any breeze they could let in for relief from the stifling heat of the humid summers.  Today while the name has stuck, plantation shutters have transformed into a much-desired window covering that graces modern homes.

Contemporary hidden tilt plantation shutters are very popular in Denver today

Solid wood plantation shutter
white composite plantation shutter


Louver Sizes
The louvers are a big part of the design of modern plantation shutters, now coming in a range of sizes from more traditional 2 1/2″ louvers, to the most popular 3 1/2″ louvers and even in larger ‘view’ sizes of 4 1/2″ louvers.

Louver Tilt
A common feature today in all plantation shutters is the ability of the louvers to tilt, allowing light control. There are also choices in the tilt control of the shutter louvers, with the traditional tilt rod running down the middle of the face of the louvers to the more modern style of a hidden tilt rod located on the back of the louvers.

When it comes to colors, white is by far the most popular, however solid wood stained has its following and works well depending on the home they are in.

Custom Built
Basically all plantation shutters are custom made for each window they are installed on, so it’s important to purchase and have them installed by a trustworthy company as they will become a permanent part of your home.


Popular style of white composite plantation shutters with fireplace