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Denver Colorado

I absolutely enjoyed working with Mike! He is very knowledgeable about shutters (the business name speaks for itself). He was very professional and gave me his expert advice when it came to deciding what kind of plantation shutters I should get for my new home since this was the first time I was purchasing them. I truly loved the fact that he offered free consultation. He measured all the windows and quickly provided the quote by printing them on the spot. Not only that, but he was not that “pushy salesman” trying to get you to buy right away. He was respectful by allowing me to have time to think it over and to call anytime if I had any questions. I’m very pleased with the installation of the shutters as they turned out to be very beautiful!”

— Diana Villegas

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Plantation shutter installation

You must have a qualified installer to ensure the shutters are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, or they might void the warranty. Attention to detail is important when installing wood shutters, so the frames are kept perfectly true and square, to avoid pinched hinges and stress on the shutter panel that can cause warpage. Remember, the shutter is going to take 100% of the UV rays coming through your window. It has to be tough, to begin with, but when an inexperienced installer does not take the time to get the frame perfectly level, the shutter will ultimately bend to the new shape, causing cracks, warpage, and damage. You can avoid this and utilize the full warranty by choosing a dealer with factory-certified installers. The cost is negligible when compared to the 25-50 years that your shutter will last, fully covered under the manufacturer’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.