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How to clean your Plantation Shutters

If you are considering getting plantation shutters for you Denver area home or you already have them, this guide will help you with keeping them looking sparkling clean.

Warning about solid wood Plantation shutters
If you have solid wood plantation shutters keep in mind that too much moisture can warp the louvers, so use liquids sparingly. If you have composite plantation shutters they should be resistant to moisture.

The good news is your choice of plantation shutters means you have a low maintenance and are easy to clean window coverings. Your biggest concern is probably going to be some dust once in a while, they do not require heavy maintenance.

On a regular basis, remove dirt and dust with a vacuum. If your shutters are extra dirty, wipe them down with white vinegar to keep them clean. Make sure to avoid using too much of any liquid cleaners on plantation shutters, especially wooden shutters. Liquid cleaners can cause damage over time.

A simple feather duster can be used to dust the louvers of your shutters. Just run the duster in between each skat, touching the tops and bottoms, to remove the dust.

You can substitute any appropriate cleaning device for the feather duster, a swifter, a dryer sheet, anything that will allow you to work your way between and through the louvers. Dryer sheets work really well and they seem to have an added bonus of making the louvers resist dust sticking to them over time also.

Vacuuming works also with the appropriate attachment, just be careful that the harder edges of the attachment are not marring the louver surfaces.

Dirt and Grime
For more than dust, we might be talking grease or food stains in a kitchen or something else like dirty hands over time from touching the louvers to tilt and adjust them.

Cleaning with cloth

Diluted white vinegar is a good choice for getting stains off your plantation shutters. The exact amount of dilution depends, but I recommend starting off with 1 part white vinegar to 9 parts water (1:9). Over time you can increase the potency if needed until you get to your go-to solution. White vinegar is pretty mild on surfaces but er on the side of caution until you are comfortable.

A spray bottle of your dilution should be fine on composite shutters but for solid wood I would dip your cloth in the solution and wipe, you want to avoid introducing a lot of moisture to solid wood plantation shutters.

Always do a test when you’re using a white vinegar solution to clean with, start in a small inconspicuous spot first, clean it and let it dry and inspect to make sure there is no bad reaction.

Some people like using a sock instead of a cleaning cloth as your hand in the sock works as a great tool to get in between the louvers.

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