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How plantation shutters add R-value to your windows

You may not be aware of it, but about 30% of heating and cooling energy is lost through a home’s windows. Shutters come in many different materials including wood, aluminum, steel, and fabric, among others. The R-value of shutters varies depending on the material they are made of. It also changes based on whether or not the shutter has gaps—the bigger the gap, the lower the R-value. Shutters, like blinds, are better at preventing heat from coming into the house than keeping heat inside during colder seasons. Another benefit of shutters is that, depending on what type of shutter you install, they could add value to your home. One of the most popular types of shutters, considering energy efficiency, are plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are known for having the tightest fit against windows as well as having the thickest material (resulting in better insulation).

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