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Call us first to see what can be done, repair before you replace!

Common repairs needed for your plantation shutters

Plantation shutters with front control rods sometimes get damaged, the staples work their way out, fall out and need to be replaced.

Louver pins breaking is another common repair item, better the pin broke than the shutter louver.

Sometimes damage happens to the louvers due to pets, children, accidents, wear and tear over time.

Having your windows replaced in Denver or surrounding communities? We commonly remove the existing plantation shutters prior and come back reinstall afterward. We readjust and reinstall your interior plantation shutters with the same care that was used for their original installation. Even if they were miss-installed previously (nailed in place) we typically have solutions to get the job done for you.

Staple Repairs
dog ate and damaged my plantation shutter
When the dog damages your shutters we can replace the damaged louvers
when they won't honor the warranty
When they won't honor the warranty, we can fix it
wood paint damage
Sun damaged, or water damaged louvers can be replaced
Let us get your plantation shutters looking brand new again

Solid Hardwood or Engineered Composite ShuttersRequire different techniques to repair

Plantation Shutter Styles

Whether you have standard shutters, cafe style, arched, sunburst, french door plantation shutters, or patio interior shutters, we can examine the damage and see if it’s repairable or needs to be replaced. If you decide to replace the unit we have a complete line of plantation shutters in every style for every kind of window in your Denver home.

Standard style plantation shutters
Standard Shutters

The classic rectangular shaped plantation shutter for the majority of window solutions

Cafe shutters in a kitchen
Cafe Style

Café style for a unique window treatment with privacy on the bottom and natural light and unobstructed views on the upper portion of the window

Arched plantation shutters Highlands Ranch

Built to fit the exact curve of windows with arched tops

bi-pass plantation shutters denver


Stack neatly behind each other, and are perfect for large windows, patio doors or closets
French Door
With curved or rectangular cutouts if needed for unique door handle configurations

For unique standalone arched, eyebrow windows and elongated arches