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Plantation Shutter Remove / Reinstallation Services Denver and surrounding areas

Contact us for a free estimate, often we work on Denver area projects like this based on a convenient fixed price for removal and reinstallation services.

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Common reasons to remove and reinstall plantation shutters

New windows?
Our most common request to remove and reinstall plantation shutters in our Denver area is due to replacement windows being installed. Often there is no need to purchase new interior plantation shutters when we can help you save and reuse your current shutters.

We commonly remove the existing shutters prior and come back reinstall afterward. We readjust and reinstall with the same care that was used for their original installation.

We can work with your schedule, work with the window company or provide whatever you need in order to save your existing plantation shutters.

Professional removal to avoid accessive damages

Most window companies don’t want to remove plantation shutters
Window companies specialize in the installation of windows, however, plantation shutters require very specific knowledge and expertise to remove and reinstall them. Window installers don’t want the liability of one being damaged during the removal or reinstallation process. They are experts at new window installations by shutters are a very different animal, being more like finished carpentry work.

Avoid replacing a damaged unit due to removal
Damaging just one unit might cost far more to replace it than the total cost of removal and reinstallation of all of the units by us.

Tech removing and reinstalling plantation shutters

Ready when you are
Give us a call when you are ready so we can make sure your shutters stay safe in the transition.

Not a DIY project
No matter how handy a person is, this is not a do-it-yourself project. Because plantation shutters were custom-made for your home and fully integrated into your window, they are built to last and installed to last.

A broken plantation shutter louver slat
Plantation shutters are delicate and can be easily broken

They are also heavy and cumbersome and fragile once removed. 

They need to be reinstalled with the same care and expertise originally used to ensure proper operation to continue. We will make the necessary adjustments and alignments during the reinstallation process.

This is also a convenient time to have any repairs done to your plantation shutters.

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