Why we believe our plantation shutters are a better choice than Norman shutters for your Denver plantation shutter project

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All plantation shutters are not created equally

As a Denver area homeowner, when planning your interior shutter project, it’s important to learn the differences of the plantation shutters you may be considering 


Our composite shutters let you experience the beauty of real wood without worries of warping, cracking or peeling paint. Durable and cost-effective, engineered to withstand high humidity, perfect for the whole house and ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other high-humidity rooms.

white composite plantation shutter

Composite shutters come in multiple shades of white. Composite shutter panels come as wide as 36″, offering a better solution for larger windows and allowing for a clearer view to the outside.

Our solid wood shutters are made from 100% North American hardwood in a range of custom styles to and value to your home.

Solid wood plantation shutter

A three-step drying process and a strict adherence to quality standards guarantee the straightest possible wood components. Skillfully apply vibrant stains and environmentally-friendly water-based paint finishes for a stunning look.

A more robust Plantation Shutter

Larger Hinges
Just compare the size of the hinges, 50% larger than the competition. Hinge size translates into longevity and sturdiness. The industry standard is 2″ hinges, ours are 3 inches. Ours have larger pins, larger clasps.

More Hinges than the competition
Where everybody else uses 3 hinges we have 4 hinges. Everything looks good and works well when it is brand new, the real measure of what you are buying is how will it look and function in 5, 10, 15 years from now. More hinges remove the sagging that other plantation shutters are known for and years of maintenance-free enjoyment.our plantation shutters have 4 hinges instead of only 3 hinges

Serviceable Control Rods
Our plantation Shutters have serviceable hidden control rods made of metal, not gimmicky plastic racking systems built inside the shutter panel that once they wear out (and they will wear out, I get calls to repair the competition’s shutters all the time) the entire panel needs to be removed and sometimes sent back to the factory if they will still even warranty it.

Serviceable control rods are simpler and a fool-proof  design that not only rarely needs servicing, but if on the rare occasion it does, it usually is a 10-minute fix done on sight requiring the replacement of a simple screw and you plantation shutters are as good as new again.Hidden control rods are better

Just Plantation Shutters gives homeowners in Denver a better choice for purchasing plantation shutters. I order factory direct, no middlemen, no showroom to pay for and I pass the savings on to my customers. They get the same high-quality plantation shutters as everyone else, but better prices and expert installation.

Plantation shutters are all I do. I look forward to working with you on your project.