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Denver Colorado

“We recently had the pleasure of working with Just Plantation Shutters. We were hoping to find shutters that were a relatively close match to the woodwork in our new home. From his vast array of samples, Mike was able to offer shutters that not only were a PERFECT color match, but the trim and hardware options allowed us to design a product that is nothing short of custom window furniture. Typically this alone would be worthy of a five star review, but I have to add that the delivery time, price and installation were exactly as advertised. We could not be happier!”

Brandt Godfrey

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Plantation Shutter
Removal & Reinstallation Services For your Window Company

We can remove the plantation shutters before the window installation date & reinstall them after you’re done

We typically work directly with your customer coordinating everything directly with the homeowner and billing them directly, our window company clients choose this option when they want to be completely left out of any responsibility for the plantation shutter portion of the project.

When your company wants to just come in and do the windows as if the plantation shutters didn’t even exist in the home, this is the right choice. You concentrate on what you do best.

Or we can work through your window company with you directing the process and coordinating with you directly from start to finish.

Let your crews do what they do best, we will take care of the rest

Most homeowners are left to fend for themselves.

Homeowners are always excited to find we provide this service, as the majority of the window decor businesses they will call will not provide this service as they only want to concentrate on big-ticket new sales, or they aren’t set up for it due to having part-time installers or subs and the returns simply aren’t worth their time. 

Plantation shutters are the only thing we do, so we aren’t scared of any situation, we’ve seen them all and finding solutions is just part of the challenge.

  • Offer as part of your services or just refer us to the homeowner and we take care of everything
  • No more worrying about voiding the homeowner’s plantation shutter warranty
  • Factory certified techs
  • We remove your risk & liability
  • Flat pricing for standard plantation shutter situations