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Can I pair Plantation Shutters with curtains or drapes?

Decorating is always about blending and complimenting the current home’s style, some people like a cleaner look without curtains or drapes on the windows and others like a more layered look


Drapes or no drapes with plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are a unique window treatment all their own, providing style, beauty, and function. You control the louvers allowing as much sunlight as you’d like into your home.

Therefore you don’t need drapes to control the light, but that doesn’t mean curtains or drapes won’t compliment the natural beauty of your new plantation shutters for your home in Denver or any community.


No curtains or drapes on this comtemporary styled living room

Plantation shutters without curtains or drapes is a more contemporary style


plantation shutters with curtains compliment this Denver home's living room

Plantation Shutters with curtains or drapes are a more traditional style


Many homeowners appreciate curtains for their various patterns, colors, and design versatility. If you’d like to incorporate curtains into your windows, you can absolutely pair them with plantation shutters.

They can make a dramatic room statement alongside traditional shutters.


French doors no curtains


Curtains or no curtains with plantation shutters?

When you choose to pair curtains with plantation shutters, there are some key features of curtains that you need to consider. These include the height or length of the curtains, as well as the type of fabric, and even maintenance considerations.

For plantation shutters, you only need to gently clean them using a soft, barely damp (not wet) cloth or lamb wool wand. For curtains, you may need to set aside time to regularly have them dry cleaned.

You should also consider the colors and patterns of the curtains, as well as how the curtains match the decor of the room.

French doors with curtains

traditional plantation shutters in kitchen nook in littleton

The most common rooms homeowners install curtains in the living room or the bedroom, for additional light control, style or just to make the room more cozy.

It is usually suggested to mount your curtain rod either several inches above your windows or close to the ceiling to enhance the look of your windows, making them look longer and the ceilings look taller. Keep in mind you will also want to make sure that your curtain rod is long enough to allow you full and easy access to the plantation shutters to adjust them and to open them.


Valance or no valance with plantation shutters?

A valance is a specific window treatment sort of like a short or small drapery that sits or crowns the top of the window. They can be casual but mostly have a more formal appearance.

Consider it like a bit of whip cream on your hot chocolate or a cherry on your sundae, they are a finishing touch to your window design.

The appeal of a valance is they don’t block the view and aren’t heavy like drapes on the sides. A valance will interfere with the opening of your plantation shutter panel but is manageable most of the time.

A small plantation shutter with a valance at the top

Plantation shutter in bathroom topped with a stylish valance type window treatment

When you are ready to experience truly the best product on the market for plantation shutters we would be happy to schedule a free consultation with you to show you our full line of true composite plantation shutters and let you see for yourself why resin composite is the right choice for your project.

  • You can choose from a full line of composite or solid wood plantation shutters, including professional installation
  • Factory direct, no middle man, no expensive showroom, we pass the savings on to our customers.
  • Lifetime warranty on product and installation.
  • Serving Denver and surrounding areas.
composite plantation shutters in livingroom
plantation shutters dark wood
side lights
When you work with us, you are working with a Denver family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality plantation shutters on the market in the colors and styles matched to the decor of your home in Highlands Ranch and the surrounding area.
We strive for a personal touch to build long-term relationships with our clients. My goal is to help you with the interior shutter window treatments in your current home and your future ones.
We are committed to exceeding your expectations and making you a life-long customer.

Popular Denver Plantation Shutter Styles

We carry a complete line of style of plantation shutters for every kind of window in your house, with Graber plantation shutters you have 8 years of time-tested quality standing behind your choices

Standard style plantation shutters
Standard Shutters

The classic rectangular shaped plantation shutter for the majority of Denver home window solutions

Cafe shutters in a kitchen
Cafe Style

Café style for a unique window treatment with privacy on the bottom and natural light and unobstructed views on the upper portion of the window

Arched plantation shutters Highlands Ranch

Built to fit the exact curve of windows with arched tops in Denver homes

bi-pass plantation shutters denver


Stack neatly behind each other, and are perfect for large windows, patio doors or closets
French Door
With curved or rectangular cutouts if needed for unique door handle configurations

For unique standalone arched, eyebrow windows and elongated arches

Sidelight Plantation Shutters
Ideal for those narrow windows next to entry doors
Bay window
Bay Window Plantation Shutters

Perfect for bumped out bay window designs

From design to installation :

  • A single visit, no extra verification or measurement appointments required
  • Never a measurement fee
  • Get fast installation: just 2-3 weeks for most plantation shutters, don’t wait 8 to 10 weeks
  • Instant pricing at time of measurement, You don’t wait days for an emailed quote
  • No additional charges for 3 1/2″ or 4 1/2″ view louvers, split louver options, in Highlands Ranch
  • Lifetime Warranty On Shutters
  • Lifetime Warranty On Installation

“Mike the shutter guy”

When you purchase plantation shutters from me, you are supporting a locally-owned family business.

I buy direct from the manufacturer, there is no expensive showroom to pay for, no middlemen, no salesmen, no extra markups, I pass the savings along to you, same quality as everyone else, better prices.

I bring the showroom to your living room, plus free design consultation so we can match plantation shutter styles and colors to match your home’s style, whether it is traditional, contemporary or modern. 

Custom designed plantation shutters, factory direct, professionally installed. There is never any pressure or obligation to purchase.

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Plantation Shutter Information Center

Plantation shutters 101, a comprehensive online resource for everything a homeowner in Highlands Ranch would want to know about plantation shutters and installation


I look forward to answering any questions you might have about plantation shutters or talking with you about scheduling a free estimate in your home