Just Plantation Shutters of Denver

Just Plantation Shutters Denver Colorado

Just Plantation Shutters of Denver

With over 25 years of experience in the fields of home improvement, I have always been excited about helping homeowners increase the enjoyment of their homes.

A Better Way…

Having experienced the frustrations of shopping for plantation shutters by visiting window covering showrooms, I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted to meet with a specialist in plantation shutters, not just someone who sold them as a minor portion of their business.

The Solution…

I founded Just Plantation Shutters of Denver to give homeowners a better choice without compromise. I order factory direct, no middlemen, no showroom to pay for and I can pass the savings on to my customers. They get the same high-quality plantation shutters as everyone else, but better prices and expert installation.

Plantation shutters are all I do. I look forward to working with you on your project.

We try harder — any inquiry is important, whether it’s a question about what we do or a request for a free consultation, you will get called back immediately.

Fast and timely appointments —  consultations in your home available daily, you never have to wait weeks, sometimes we can fit you in the next day or the same day you call.

Better products – No pro-rated warranties, we don’t devalue your purchase over time like some of the most expensive brands in the business.

80 years of product history backing our plantation shutters.

All plantation shutters are not created equally.

As a Denver area homeowner, it is important to learn the differences of the plantation shutters you may be considering for your interior shutter treatment.

As a professional installer and someone who is called on for repairs to homeowner’s plantation shutters, I’ve kept track of what I get calls on to repair over and over again, and as a result, know what brands are the most robust and reliable.

When I decided to offer plantation shutter sales to my clients, I used this knowledge to design the strategy to offer my customers the best product for their investment, and why we could offer a lifetime warranty on product and installation and give my clients something that would not just look great but would be trouble-free 5, 10, 20 years from now.

Our composite shutters let you experience the beauty of real wood without worries of warping, cracking or peeling paint. Durable and cost-effective, engineered to withstand high humidity, perfect for the whole house and ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other high-humidity rooms.

white composite plantation shutter

Composite shutters come in multiple shades of white. Composite shutter panels come as wide as 36″, offering a better solution for larger windows and allowing for a clearer view to the outside.

Our solid wood shutters are made from 100% North American hardwood in a range of custom styles to and value to your home.

Solid wood plantation shutter

A three-step drying process and a strict adherence to quality standards guarantee the straightest possible wood components. Skillfully apply vibrant stains and environmentally-friendly water-based paint finishes for a stunning look.

A more robust Plantation Shutter

Larger Hinges
Just compare the size of the hinges, 50% larger than the competition. Hinge size translates into longevity and sturdiness. The industry standard is 2″ hinges, ours are 3 inches. Ours have larger pins, and larger clasps.

More Hinges than the competition
Where everybody else uses 3 hinges we have 4 hinges. Everything looks good and works well when it is brand new, the real measure of what you are buying is how will it look and function in 5, 10, 15 years from now. More hinges remove the sagging that other plantation shutters are known for and years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

our plantation shutters have 4 hinges instead of only 3 hinges

Serviceable Hidden Control Rods
Our plantation Shutters have serviceable hidden control rods made of metal, not gimmicky plastic racking systems built inside the shutter panel that once they wear out (and they will wear out, I get calls to repair the competition’s shutters all the time) the entire panel needs to be removed and sometimes sent back to the factory if they will still even warranty it.

Serviceable control rods are simpler and a fool-proof design that not only rarely needs servicing, but if on the rare occasion it does, it usually is a 10-minute fix done on sight requiring the replacement of a simple screw and your plantation shutters are as good as new again.

Hidden control rods are better

Solid Resin Composite
Our non-wood plantation shutters are made from solid resin composite, color-true all the way through, solid not hollow, not vinyl, not faux-wood, not veneered over a wood pulp mixture susceptible to moisture. You can feel the difference in the weight of our composite plantation shutters, they feel substantial because they are, they are actually heavier than wood and more solid and that is why they come with a life-time warranty.

solid resign composite

Proper Installations
Installation is a very important factor in a customer’s user experience and enjoyment of their new shutters. Our installations are all done with factory-supplied screws and follow certified factory installation procedures.

Unfortunately, there is a growing trend for installers in Denver to use nail guns in order to save time and cut costs during installation. The extra profit the salesman and the installer make today by short-cutting the manufacturer’s installation requirements comes back out of the pocket of the customer tomorrow.

no nail guns

When the homeowner decides to replace any windows in the future the plantation shutters will need to be removed and the homeowner will pay dearly for the installers’ short-cuts.

Removal of a properly installed shutter that used the manufacturer’s supplied screws is a straightforward process, compared to trying to dig out or drill out headless nail gun nails buried throughout the frame, with the damage to the frames being extreme and the labor cost required being considerable. 


I look forward to answering any questions you might have about plantation shutters or talking with you about scheduling a free estimate in your home