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“I absolutely enjoyed working with Mike! He is very knowledgeable about shutters (the business name speaks for itself). He was very professional and gave me his expert advice when it came to deciding what kind of plantation shutters I should get for my new home since this was the first time I was purchasing them. I truly loved the fact that he offered free consultation. He measured all the windows and quickly provided the quote by printing them on the spot. Not only that, but he was not that “pushy salesman” trying to get you to buy right away. He was respectful by allowing me to have time to think it over and to call anytime if I had any questions. I’m very pleased with the installation of the shutters as they turned out to be very beautiful!”

— Diana V

Rating: 5 out of 5.

12 reasons why our plantation shutters are the best in Denver

Denver area homeowners should know that all plantation shutters are not created equally


From doing so many shutter repairs over the years I gained an insider’s knowledge of which manufacturer’s plantation shutters were always breaking, what was breaking, and why they were breaking.

It quickly taught me that not all plantation shutters are created equally.

When I started offering sales of plantation shutters to my customers, I used this inside knowledge to offer the best shutters in the Denver market.

The build quality, extra options, and features mean plantation shutters you purchase from me will look and work as good today as they will 20 years from now.


Solid wood and composite plantation shutters the best in Denver


Solid Wood

A stained wood shutter is a great choice if you want a product to compliment your home’s stained wood interior trim.

My solid wood shutters are made from 100% North American hardwood in a range of custom styles, all manufactured with a three-step drying process and using the straightest possible wood components with vibrant stains and environmentally friendly water-based paint finishes.

Dark solid wood plantation shutters in a Denver home living room


Composite Plantation Shutters

The exact same beauty, look and feel as solid wood, but without any of the disadvantages of wood in the Colorado climate.

When you want a white shutter I don’t recommend a wood-painted shutter, instead, our solid resin composite shutters will never warp or crack and there is no peeling paint to ever worry about.

They are perfect for the whole house and are especially ideal for any higher moisture areas like kitchens, laundry rooms, or, bathrooms.

White composite plantation shutters in a Denver family room


A Better Made Composite Plantation Shutter

Solid Resin Composite

Unlike our competitors, our composite shutters have no wood cores, they are a solid resin, through body color composite shutter, the best you can buy.

  • Solid color, the color runs all the way through the material
  • Solid construction, not hollow like vinyl
  • Not faux-wood, they are not veneered over an MDF (pressed sawdust) interior susceptible to moisture and delamination
  • You can feel the substantial difference in the weight of our composite plantation shutters, they feel, they are heavier than wood, more solid
  • Impervious to moisture
  • A more robust product = better sound deadening, better R-value, and longer life
  • Lifetime warranty because they are built so well, guaranteed not to warp, or crack, and will not flake

solid resign composite
Solid Resin, no wood core


Through body color all the way through the material


Solid resin composite plantation shutters


The picture below is a Norman composite plantation shutter.  This is a plastic coating over an MDF interior (pressed sawdust). This is not a frame we cut to show you the interior, but the actual frame mitered end as it comes from the factory, it is not even encapsulated so moisture can freely move into the product and cause expansion and contraction.

cross section of Norman ShuttersNorman and/or Hunter Douglas NewStyle Hybrid – MDF (pressed sawdust) plantation shutter


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Larger Hinges

Our hinges are 50% larger than the competition. Hinge size translates into stability and longevity. The industry standard is a 2-inch hinge, mine are 3 inches.  Photo displaying our 3" hinges on our shutter panels


More Hinges than the competition

Where everybody else uses 3 hinges we have 4 hinges. Everything looks good and works well when it is brand new, but over time how will it perform in 5, 10 or 20 years from now? 

More hinges remove the sagging that other plantation shutters are known for and ensure years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

Our plantation shutters have 4 hinges instead of only 3 hinges


Serviceable Hidden Louver Control Rods

My plantation Shutters with “hidden” louver control rods have metal rods not plastic, they are attached to the louvers with metal screws, not plastic nibs. 

If there would ever be a problem in the future and there rarely is because this system is so robust, simple, and foolproof, but if there is, it’s just a replacement of a simple screw and they are as good as new again.

If you buy shutters with plastic rods or plastic nibs, it is not a matter of will they break but when will they break, these are the ones I always get calls to repair, the older they get the more brittle the plastic becomes, and it’s only a matter of time.

Norman shutters use a gimmicky hidden louver control rod that is inside the panel, it’s actually plastic cams and gears. This is all for marketing hype as whether it’s inside of the panel or behind the panel, it’s still hidden from view. 

The problem with the inside the panel design is they are plastic parts and they do wear out over time and repairing them means removing and sending the panels back to the factory.

Hidden control rods made from metal are better
Serviceable metal hidden louver controls


Four-Sided Frames

We don’t cut corners with 3-sided frames, our frames are 4-sided with a bottom sill plate. For our composite shutters, the bottom sill plate is composite so there is zero maintenance.

This picture shows why we don’t use a 3-sided frame, the normal opening and closing of the panels will eventually scrape the paint and damage the painted window sills.

Composite plantation shutters installations with composite sill plates that won't mar over time

The bottom sill plate is always included
No maintenance with a 4-side frame


Serialized / Numbered Parts

All of your new plantation shutters have individual ID numbers tagged or embedded in the individual parts and are recorded at the factory.

If for instance, you were to damage a shutter panel 5 years from now, all we need is the ID number off the bottom of the part to get an exact replacement made and installed for you, and you’re good as new with a perfectly fitting replacement.

Denver plantation shutters with numbered parts


Smart Magnetic Catches

My shutters don’t use the inexpensive plastic magnetic catches the rest of the industry uses. Those plastic parts get brittle due to the UVs over time and end up breaking.

The old style magnetic catches get brittle and break over time

Instead, we use Neodymium or (deep earth) magnetics which are the most powerful available, and they are recessed and screwed firmly into the shutter panel…

A close up photograph of our magnetic catch

… Those magnets closes against a metal strike plate mounted on the frame. This is a simple and foolproof design that will last a lifetime.

A close up photograph of our magnetic catch plate

Two Louver Close Options

Are you an ‘uppy’ or a ‘downy’? Typically manufacturers only allow you to close your louvers in the upward position, my shutters are built so you can close the louvers upwards or downwards, the choice of how you like to close your shutters is up to you.

Demonstration of being able to close our shutter in the up or down position


Louver Tensioning Ports

We call them “lazy louvers”, you call them other names because nobody likes it when their louvers don’t want to stay in the place you adjust them to because they have loosened up over time. Our panels come with a built-in tensioning port.

All you do is insert a screwdriver into it and tighten or loosen the tension on the panel, giving your shutters a quick and easy tune-up if they need them.  Your louvers will always be nice and tight just like the day they were installed.

Here you can see the tensioning ports on our panels


Proper Installations

Installation is a very important factor in a customer’s user experience and enjoyment of their new shutters. Our installations are all done with factory-supplied screws and follow certified factory installation procedures.


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Unfortunately, there is a growing trend for installers in Denver to use nail guns in order to save time and cut costs during installation. The extra profit the salesman and the installer make today by short-cutting the manufacturer’s installation requirements comes back out of the pocket of the customer tomorrow.

We will never install your plantation shutters with nail guns

When the homeowner decides to replace any windows in the future the plantation shutters will need to be removed and the homeowner will pay dearly for the installers’ short-cuts.

Removal of a properly installed shutter that used the manufacturer’s supplied screws is a straightforward process, compared to trying to dig out or drill out headless nail gun nails buried throughout the frame, with the damage to the frames being extreme and the labor cost required being considerable.

Below is a plantation shutter frame that was installed with a nail gun, to remove it for a window replacement the headless nails had to be drilled out, instead of simply backing out screws. Do not let anyone install your plantation shutters with nail guns.

nail gun installation damages


This is the removal process for plantation shutters that have been installed with a nail gun

Made In The USA

And last but not least, our shutters are made in the USA, in Texas to be exact, not China. This is why the build quality is so good and why we can get them so quickly.


plantation shutters made in the usa


I look forward to answering any questions you might have about plantation shutters or talking with you about scheduling a free estimate in your home